A Perfect Golden Hour Engagement

I met Brandon and Amanda almost 4 years ago and found out that they have been together since they were 14 years old. They were one of the first couples I did a session with and Amanda always joked about me doing their wedding photos. Flash forward to April 2019, a group of over 10 of us took a trip to Cuba to relax on the beach and drink some margaritas! The second morning I was setting up my towel by the pool when Amanda came over acting all sneaky and I was 100% expecting her to shove me in the pool when she whipped out her ring. We all screamed and jumped up and down exactly like you see the girls do it in the movies. When we got back to Ontario they took Roman and I out to dinner and asked us to be their photographer and videographer for their big day in June 2020. We finally got to do their engagement session on a gorgeous evening on Brandons parents farm and I don't even have words. Their love is so magnetic and magical. I am so happy I get to capture their special day next June. Congrats Brandon & Amanda, I love you both!

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